Our umbrella bars

Buying an umbrella bar

We offer you a unique piece with charisma

You want to expand your business, have a good location or want to open a restaurant?
Do you have an exact idea of how your new project should look like and how it is structured?

We support you in the implementation of this idea.

Due to our many years of experience, we know the processes and requirements of gastronomic businesses exactly - whether it is individual design, technical equipment or the optimisation of operational processes.

This comprehensive know-how ensures that efficient work is optimally supported by the arrangement of work surfaces and technical equipment. There are no limits to the design: from the painting of the umbrella bar, the choice of the right covering to the complete restoration of a bar, everything and much more is possible.
Depending on the location and structural situation, we develop an individual solution for your company.

Special features
Umbrella bars are flying constructions and therefore do not require a building negotiation in most communities.

Partners in Germany and Austria may be able to facilitate the purchase of an umbrella bar.
Umbrella bars can be used in most communities as smoking areas or as a smoking bar because they can be opened.
Umbrella bars are eye-catchers that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.
Unlike premises in a property, umbrella bars are relatively easy to sell and also offer the advantage of a lower loss of value over the years.


The side panels: are the original Meissl side panels and have been completely reworked and painted with a special metallic paint on customer request. The walls as well as the doors were equipped with safety glass and comply with most of the official requirements.

The outer floor: is made of wood and is enclosed in a galvanized steel frame. The wood has been sanded, varnished and sealed. The floor serves as an umbrella stand and as anchorage for the side walls.

The umbrella: is made by Meissl and can be opened electrically. The covering is made of PVC, snow-white and is fireproof and smoke retardant. The umbrella is screwed to the inner bottom. The umbrella arms are equipped with lighting.

The inside bar: is original from Meissl. The bar consists of 7 parts and one entrance and is mounted on the inner floor. The bar has both a counter and worktops inside the bar. Under the worktops are the refrigeration, storage space and dishwasher. Two people can work in the inside bar. On request, the indoor bar can also be extended with equipment from glori.at.

The inventory: consists of the standard equipment from Meissl including 20 bar stools and 5 bar tables. The bar can be individually extended and equipped.

The bar has aroused your interest? Give the bar your personal touch and we will manufacture it according to your wishes.

The pictures are sample pictures of how the bar was delivered by us to the customer. The pictures should give you an idea how your bar could look like.


      Cooling system Meissl-Standard
      Interior bar incl. counter and work surfaces
      Beverage drawers Meissl-Standard
      Litter bins
      Washbasin with boiler
      shield: electrically retractable and extendable
      High tables and bar stools
      Inside/outside wooden floor incl. galvanized frame
      Side parts Meissl painted incl. safety glass


    Refrigeration system/fridge
      Litter bins
      Radiant heater
      High tables and bar stools
      Music system
      div. catering equipment as desired
      new covering
      Stainless steel branches